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Electrician in Sydney also provides level 2 electrician services. We are authorized and qualified to do repairs, installation, and work of maintenance on underground and overhead services that run between the customers from businesses and homes. 


Level 2 electrician Sydney is able to undertake the responsibilities of the following types of work.

Class 2A Disconnect and reconnect. Our electricians level 2 is able to undertake the responsibilities of disconnections and reconnect the lines of services at the point of connection. These are also referred to as a D&R within the commercial industry and such type of work is applied mostly when the supply of electricity to the building or premises is required to be re-energized for multiple reasons. For instance repairing, upgrading of the consumer’s mains, notice of defects and maintenance. A D&R is usually applicable at the attachment point, connection point and supply point, for instance, the pillars, private power poles, and building. 

Class 2B work on the wiring systems and underground services conductors which include replacing and removing a security local electrical distributor which is sealed in accordance with the procedures of local electricity distributor. 

1. Level 2 electrician is an expert in connection and installation of underground lines services in accordance with the NSW installation rules and services.

2. Level 2 electrician in Sydney knows the upgrading/relocating of an already existed underground line service and also on completion, restore the supply. 

3. Reconnection and disconnection of the lines of underground services at the point of the connection and common coupling point; along with the service protection replacement device and the neutral links and service activities.

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Why do you need a level 2 electrician?

The authorization is given to Level 2 electricians to work near or on Endeavour and Ausgrids energy network. An electrician in Sydney you can find our expert of level 2 electrician who knows how to complete most of the following tasks with technical knowledge. 

  • Supply and install customer private pole

Install and supply customer provide pole for connection of electricity to their premises, those poles which are approved are usually of concrete. In a literal domestic installation of a 100amp supply our level 2 electrician expert exactly knows how to string up or install a 25mm XLPE three or single-phase ABC Cable of aluminum to attach at the point of connection which located at the pole top.

  • Consumer mains upgrades

Our level 2 experts electricians are experts in consumer main upgrading between the point of supply/attachment/ point of connection and the meter box. Our suitable and qualified experts are incredible in their jobs and are permitted to do their level 2 electrician tasks efficiently. Our level 2 electrician will do the testing through disconnecting and reconnecting the services when the upgrading will be complete for your satisfaction by keeping in mind the NSW electrician services rules and regulation for a reliable and safe supply of electricity.  

  • Overhead service and underground service mains

Only level 2 electricians are authorized of doing the main underground service installations that usually come in the single or three-phase supply. Electricians in Sydney electrician level 2 are experts and have technical knowledge prior to a normal electrician because of special training and qualification provided to them. Underground and overhead services are not as simple as it might sounds, even for electricians. So our well trained fully equipped level 2 electrician in Sydney are specially prepared to perform these tasks. 

  • Defect notices

There can be a lot of reasons why your installation of electrical services might not comply with standard safety measures. There can be different large scale electrical defect notices such as modifications, faulty wiring or any other related issue. These defect noticing can be a huge safety concern so you can not rely to solve this issue to any normal electrician, that’s why we highly recommend you to think about your safety first and despite experimenting with normal electrician call our electrician level 2 in Sydney to perform the perfect task according to your expectations.  A level 2 electrician NSW can perform a whole range of tasks and not limited to just what mentioned above, they are experts in arranging and working with the level 2 electrician in NSW Sydney to handle and tackle all the sensitive work which is not possible for a normal electrician. There would be no frustration, no hold-ups no second visits electrician in Sydney is the trusted electrician source for your help.


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